Gases Industriales de Cuba

Palace of the Pioneers

Our company develops activities that stimulate vocational guidance for the gas industry from an early age.

The Central Palace of Pioneros Ernesto Guevara, located in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality, constitutes a national reference center for vocational training and professional orientation work for primary and secondary school students. It also fulfills the function of advising the rest of the existing centers in the country.

As an initiative of the UEB Gases Sancti Spíritus and UEB Gases Villa Clara management, the Industrial Gases circle of interest was created in these provinces.

These circles of interest have a work program that supports their operation, which defines the guidelines for the vocational training of students from that level.

Our circles of interest have obtained multiple recognitions for their educational work and corporate social responsibility: 

  • The school recognizes the Gases entity in 2017 and 2019 for its contribution to the vocational training of students.
  • Gases Industriales receives recognition from the Central Palace of Pioneros, for contributing to the education of the new generations, for the differentiated attention to the specialty it serves in the industry area.
  • Recognition for the unconditional support to the development of the circle of interest in 2015 and 2016.
  • Letter of appreciation to the company and all those who in one way or another offer their talent and values ​​contributing to this work of infinite love.

Our aspiration is to promote follow-up work with those students who show that they are interested in continuing their studies in the branch of the chemical industry, since in the future they can be part of our company and promote the economic and social development of the country.

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