Gases Industriales de Cuba

Industry Week

At the ExpoCuba fairgrounds, the “Industry Week” dedicated to Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz was held on the 93rd Anniversary of his birth and as part of the educational activities, the Gases Industriales Company invited children and adolescents to participate in different participation games to promote knowledge about the technological and productive processes of our industry.

In this event, pavilions 18 and 22 of the fairgrounds have become spaces where a representation of the companies of the different groups (GESIME, GEMPIL, GEIQ, GELECT and GER), presents samples of their productions and develops contests, talks and other activities recreational activities dedicated primarily to children.

The inauguration was special, where the little ones sang to Fidel for his 93rd birthday. In addition, the “I work at Varona” activity took place, organized by the “Inoxidables Varona” Company aimed at the vocational training of its children, as well as the COMETAL company, also aimed at infants. The event ended with a great costume party with the participation of all the companies and visitors to the fairgrounds.

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