Gases Industriales de Cuba

Guarantees industrial gas factory oxygen for health units in Santiago de Cuba.

The medical oxygen required by the health care units of the province of Santiago de Cuba and in particular the centers that treat patients with Covid-19, is guaranteed by the workers of the Base Business Unit (UEB) Gases Industriales, located in the town by El Caney.

Marvelis Rodríguez Sánchez, commercial specialist of the entity, stressed to the ACN that in the current epidemiological situation, caused by the new coronavirus that is spreading in a lethal way around the world, the Doctor Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital and the “Ambrosio Grillo” have priority, the latter in the town of El Cobre, authorized for the entry of infected people. He explained that this necessary item is delivered directly by factory personnel, since the handling of the cylinders must be done with care, cleanliness and in compliance with safety measures.

Currently, Marvelis said, the monthly average for hospitals and polyclinics in the nine municipalities of Santiago is 30 thousand cubic meters, distributed in cylinders, production concentrated in a work shift. If it is necessary to increase those levels, the workers have given their disposition, he said.

In the case of the provinces of Granma and Guantánamo they receive liquid oxygen and in those territories they are in charge of gasification, packaging in cylinders and distribution in health centers.The UEB Gases Industriales Santiago also produces industrial oxygen, demanded for cutting activities and welding.

This factory was inaugurated by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro on July 24, 1987, in the place where there used to be a plant with American technology that, due to its obsolescence, stopped working and gave way to one from Japan, which is still in operation . Other productions of the factory are acetylene, nitrogen, argon, compressed air and sodium hypochlorite.

Taken from the Cuban News Agency.

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