Gases Industriales de Cuba

Gases Industriales is recognized for achieving safety at work.

With recognition to the company Gases Industriales de Cuba for its results in the protection of the workforce, the national closing ceremony of the Occupational Safety and Health Conference took place today in this capital.

Roberto Betarte Mazorra, head of the Department of Labor and Social Affairs of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), granted the status of Healthy and Safe Center to the business units of base Criogases, Gases Matanzas and Santiago de Cuba.
As part of the activity, the entity’s personnel carried out a drill on a possible accident at the carbon dioxide plant, in order to verify the capacity to respond to emergencies.

José Manuel Gámez Álvarez, the company’s engineering director, explained to the ACN that Gases Industriales de Cuba has maintained a positive behavior for several years in the incidence rate related to diseases and accidents related to the profession.
A key element to achieve this is the implementation, since 2016, of an Integrated Management System that includes health and safety at work, he said.

We are a high-risk company because we handle pressure vessels at all times, and that is why it is so important to achieve a culture of safety in managers, technicians and workers, said Gámez Álvarez. He highlighted that during the day they held breakdown drills, seminars for the prevention of diseases, special morning sessions, days of sanitation and beautification of facilities.

Ana Julia Cleger Anaya, an official from the CTC’s Labor and Social Affairs sphere, affirmed that important centers for the nation’s economy held various activities such as workshops and talks throughout the month. She stated that many other facilities were able to obtain the venue for the event, but the company Gases Industriales de Cuba was chosen because they manage to minimize the damage to human lives despite the dangerousness of the activities that take place there.

In Cuba, the National Occupational Safety and Health Day is developed with the purpose of maintaining safe and hygienic conditions in each work area and for workers to become aware of the need to comply with the established safety standards.

Taken from the Cuban News Agency.

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