Gases Industriales de Cuba

Research and Publications

Compilation of applications and uses of Cieno

For decades the silt has been discharged into settling ponds and dams (in the case of Gases Villa Clara), but due to the characteristics of the silt it is incompatible for discharge to any kind of receiving body due to its very basic PH and values of electrical conductivity incompatible with the average maximum permissible limits of the discharge standard, therefore the integral storage of high volumes of residual represents an environmental problem for the entity, taking into account that being outdoors can generate impacts in times of rain negative to the environment, since as a result of the increase in the volume of capacity in the lagoon, it may overflow, incurring non-compliance with the aforementioned Dumping Standard. Therefore, reducing this inventory represents a priority for the company.

Market research oriented to the export of Nitrous Oxide

Our company has worked in the last 10 years in trying to export Industrial Gases and specialized Services of the cryogenic activity, which has not been achieved in all its planned scope due to difficulties and limitations in foreign markets to introduce the products. In this work, a Market Research oriented to the Export of Nitrous Oxide in the Latin American and Caribbean Region is carried out, with the aim of obtaining meaningful and in-depth information on the situation of the product in the market, which will allow us to formulate and develop strategies for further expansion of our businesses.

Proposal to increase the energy efficiency of the Carbon Dioxide production process

In the combustion process, the chemical energy of the fuel is transformed into sensible heat (thermal energy) of the combustion products. The thermal balance consists of establishing an equality between the amount of heat that enters the Qe system and that that leaves, taking into account the CUT and the caloric losses.

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